Making A Will For the Sick and Elderly

Legal Service During Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

Despite the COVID-19 restrictions, our covid 19 arrangement will continue to be operated in focusing attention on finalising matters for sick or elderly clients.Though thankfully covid has abated we continue our service to try and allow you to make a will with only one office appointment. 

We understand that our clients are eager to get their affairs in order during these uncertain times. In order to assist in this, we have set up a 5 step plan to allow you create your will, while ensuring social distancing and minimising contact with others.

We will take Will instructions at anytime, anywhere within Dublin. Instructions can be taken by phone, email or post. You will be asked, ultimately to approve the final draft and an appointment will be arranged to attend at one of our offices near to you.

We can also arrange a house visit in order to sign your Will, if you cannot leave the house because you are elderly or have an underlying health condition.

Five Steps To Make A Will During COVID-19

Should you wish to proceed:

  1. Please complete the attached form. *Will Form
  2. Return it to our office by post or email
  3. One of our solicitors will contact you, to take your instructions and finalise your will.
  4. We will send you the will for approval.
  5. Once the will is approved, we can arrange for execution.


This will involve attending our office for a few moments only, so that you can execute your will correctly hving first had the contents read over with you.

If you cannot attend our office, we can arrange to call to your house to witness your signature.

We have offices in Cabra, Dublin 7 and Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

We are also arranging Enduring Power of Attorneys for our clients.

Please call 018383388 or email to start the process.