Co-Decision-Making Agreement

Co-Decision-Making Agreement

If you (or a loved one) needs support (or is unable) to make certain decisions at any point in your life there are options available in law to assist you in making those decisions.

The Assisted Decision-making (Capacity) Act 2015 (commenced in 2023) outlines a number of options available to you:


  1. Enduring Power of Attorney
  2. Decision Making Representative
  3. Advanced Healthcare Directive
  4. Decision-Making Assistance Agreement
  5. Co-Decision-Making Agreement

Co-Decision-Making Agreement

If you are loved one need assistance in making certain decisions, there are options available for you in law.

You may enter into a Co-Decision-Making Agreement. . In this Agreement you appoint someone to assist you with making decisions.

The co-decision-maker’s role is to make certain decisions together with the person.


They will help you get information and explain it to you. They will work with you to help you understand the decision and understand what your wishes are. They will also help you to communicate what your decision is.

This agreement lets you write down decisions you need help with and give someone the legal authority to make those decisions jointly with you.