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Personal Injury Claims*

Established over 40 years ago, Doyle & Company LLP has a wealth of experience in successfully dealing with Personal Injury Claims. Our objective is to help you receive the best possible award for your personal injury claim. We pride ourselves in delivering for our clients and keeping our clients frequently updated and informed as your case progresses.

We will keep you updated as your claim progresses and correspond with you by phone, email or post, whichever format you request.

If you have been the victim of a personal injury, you can contact us on FreePhone 1800 644 444 or by filling out the enquiry form below and one of our Personal Injury legal team will contact you immediately to arrange an immediate consultation.

Remote Service: We understand that some clients are unable to attend the office for a variety of reasons. For that reason we provide a remote service, that enables us to process your claim over the phone and through mail/email.

Why Doyle & Company LLP?

40 years of Successful Claims* -. The firm has kept meticulous records since its founding which provides us with an invaluable resource in dealing with your claim. No matter how complex your case is, Doyle & Company LLP has probably dealt with similar cases. This puts us in the best position to value your case, negotiate a settlement or cover all bases, if proceeding to trial.


Panel of Expert/Professional Witnesses – Depending on the facts of your claim, you may require a number of expert witnesses to provide reports and give evidence at trial. Handling Personal Injury Claims for so long, means we have built up an invaluable working relationship with a wide variety of expert witnesses, which we can call on to advise us if the need arises.


Panel of Solicitors & Barristers- Our panel of solicitors provides a pool of knowledge to ensure practical solutions to complex legal issues. We have found that numerous solicitors with different experiences allows for knowledge pooling and joint problem solving when issues arise. We also have long standing working relationships with several barristers who are experts in all areas that may affect your case.


Commitment to Security - Compensation claims can involve large payments of monies to solicitors. With the rise of cyber-attacks on Irish Businesses, we have invested significantly in a new server. We have also implemented a new cyber-security policy, which we keep updated in accordance with best practice.

Honest Legal Services –Doyle & Company LLP has been handling client monies since its founding over 40 years ago. With the large sums of money involved in legal transaction, it is important that you know your money is in safe hands.