Commissioner for Oaths

Commissioner for oaths

Walk-in Service only (4.00 to 5.30)
Please note that we do not arrange appointments or deal with phone queries for Commissioner for Oaths


What is a Commissioner for Oaths?

A Commissioner for Oaths are appointed by the Chief Justice and authorised by the Court to witness either the swearing or declaration of documents and the certification of copy documents.


What Fees does the Commissioner for Oats Charge?

  • Witnessing a signature on an Affidavit or Declaration- €10 per signature.
  • Witnessing Exhibit Pages - €2 per each exhibit.
  • Certifying a copy document - €10 per document.

Our commissioner for Oats can only witness signature. If you require a document to be drafted, we can refer you to our solicitors.

Can I make an Appointment?

  • No, we do not arrange appointments for Commissioner for Oats.
  • We provide a walk-in service between 4.00 pm and 5.30 pm Monday to Friday.
  • The Commissioner for Oaths does not have a phone line. The phone line on our website is for the solicitor service only.


Are there documents that you will not witness.

  • Our commissioner for Oaths will not witness signing of any agreements or terms of consent made between two parties.
  • If you require legal advice in relation to drafting or in relation to any dispute, they will have to be referred to our Solicitors.

The following are non-exclusive examples of documents that we do not witness:
i. Landlord Notice of Termination.
ii. Family Law Terms of Consent.
iii. Anything that requires independent legal advice.


Will you explain the meaning of the document to me?

  • No, It is your responsibility to ensure you understand your document before you sign it.
  • The commissioner for oaths will not provide legal advice for financial advice or other advice in relation to the document.
  • The sole purpose of the commissioner for oaths is permission to taking of the Oath or Declaration. As part of that role the solicitor must verify your identity as above.