Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Legal disputes and problems can arise during the course of everyday business life. The various methods by which business disputes can be resolved is constantly changing so it is crucial to receive the help of an experienced legal specialist who can provide reliable and practical advice.

Commercial clients can sometimes face the prospect of lengthy and expensive proceedings when a case isn’t resolved properly. We offer cost effective, practical solutions to any legal problem associated with commercial litigation and dispute resolution to ensure you take the right steps throughout the case.

Our commercial litigation team is experienced in handling all manner of contractual disputes, including property-related disputes and distribution and agency matters.

Tortious issues and breach on contracts often end up in the Irish Court system. Our experienced solicitors are experienced with the procedures and deadlines imposed by the higher courts of Ireland. Utilisation of Ireland’s Commercial Court by litigants can prove to be a quick and effective forum for conducting high value commercial litigation. Use of the Competition List of the High Court can also be prudent in disputes with a competition law component,

Our solicitors are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation and arbitration. Use of these alternative dispute resolution methods can often save costs and time, if practical given the particular circumstances.

We want to be the first people you think of when any legal issue arises that may affect your business. To arrange a consultation for your business affairs call us on Free Phone 1 800 644 444 or simply email us using the enquiry form.